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  This year is the 150th year anniversary, well-known as “Tea race” of 1866, in which “clippers” – the most high speed sailing vessels took part in, is celebrated. “Hound dogs of the ocean”- so they have been called\nicknamed, delivered tea from China to England within 3-4 months, making a bend around the Cape of Good Hope.

  The tea-shop “ The Best of South Africa” offers tour guides to support sea traditions and take part in amusing\fun “Tea Races” with prize-winnings of 3000.00, 2000.00 and 1000.00  ZAR for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Surely, no one cancels the 20% commission charges paid for each purchase.

  The winnings shall be paid out immediately to those who shall travel from Cape Town to Simon’s town around Cape of Good Hope, through the route marked on the map.

  The entire route is divided into 100 miles. Each visit to our store (incoming\check-in) equals 1 mile. Commission charges from 0-99 ZAR equivalent to 1 mile. 100-199 ZAR is another mile for the tea, that gets added to the 1 mile for the visit to our store (check-in), 200-299 ZAR – is 2 miles being added to your ‘check-in’. For example: Making 1 check-in mile, and 4 miles for tea (5 miles) will sum up to a Total Commission of: 437 ZAR.

  The foundation of success – frequency of visits and scale\size of commissions, leading to an increase of passed miles.

  “Tea Race 2016” will come to an end with the arrival of a participant taking 3rd place in the top 3.

  Further we plan on hosting annual “Tea Races” with its corresponding bonuses for all the participants who have earlier taken part of this fun\amusing contest.

  There are two ways of tracking your route: on the map, and on the table, which will be updated by the site administrator.

  Choose a silhouette of a sailing vessel or any swimming transport/object. Using your sense of humour and imagination, give it an original name of your preference.

  Your registration as a participant of the “Tea Race” is automatically submitted once you have filled out a form at our store.

  For queries/questions:

  We wish you all Good Luck!